Washington County Texas Seismometer


Almost "live" data from our seismometer mounted under N5MBM's house

Near real time data from our Seismometer under the house - updated every 10 mins!

Here is a screen shot of my Infiltec Seismometer installed under my house - updated every 10 mins or so. 

Time is in UTC.  Hours are on the left and minutes are listed along the bottom.  The bottom of the graph is the most current data and the data at the top is the oldest.


You can connect to my Amaseis server and receive REAL TIME, second by second, (sampled 16 times a second) data over the internet.  All you have to do is install Amaseis software (Google it!) and connect to a remote node - www.n5mbm.net using port 53760.  Once connected you will get a stream of data in real time off of our server and see things as they happen!  If you have any questions feel free to drop me a note - N5MBM Email

See USGS Earthquake data HERE!

Current Seismicity from around the world (right now!)

Map of Public Seismic Network Stations Around the World


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