Washington County Texas Seismometer


Almost "live" data from our seismometer mounted in N5MBM's barn on the farm

Near real time data from our Seismometer under the house - updated every 10 mins!

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Here is the screen of my Infiltec QM-4.5LV Vertical Seismometer installed in my barn running on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Linux and jAmaSeis software - updated every 1 mins or so.  Time is in UTC.  Hours are on the left and minutes are listed along the bottom.  The bottom of the graph is the most current data and the data at the top is the oldest.

You will notice "ticks" on a seemingly pretty regular schedule in the above image - those are my water well kicking on and off...

I installed and constructed this sensor system originally in May of 2015 and it has been in continuous operation since then. This sensor is capable of detecting any strong earthquake on earth.  It is most sensitive to long seismic waves.

Please see "N5MBM Seismometer project" for more information


See USGS Earthquake data HERE!

Current Seismicity from around the world (right now!)

Map of Public Seismic Network Stations Around the World


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